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We offer a platform for seasonal employers and job seekers to meet as a part of our season work project 2020-2021. On the platform the employers can advertise their farm and job possibilities, while the job seekers can find a seasonal job directly. We don’t hire ourselves but offer recruitment services for employers who hire people in different fields, usually internationally.

Sustainable chain from home country to finding a seasonal job in Finland, working here and returning is important – supported by good employership and fair working environment. We are participating in the EU campaign on seasonal workers’ rights, #Rights4AllSeasons.

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About seasonal work

If you are a non-EU citizen, you need a visa or work permit to work in Finland. Please note that the permit only gives a right to work for the employers mentioned in the permit. Read more at or the Finnish Embassy site

For example strawberry season offers different kinds of jobs – you could start early in the spring or in the summer. Work consist of tiding, planting, picking, sales preparation, packing as well as taking care of plants and fields. Strawberry picking starts at the end of June, in some parts of Finland in July. Some varieties are harvested in August. Preparing work for next season is done in the beginning of fall. The harvesting and packing of root vegetables also begins in fall, and there could be work available until December. Learn more about horticultural production: Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Get to know Finnish farms (subtitles in English)

Where and how? What to expect?

Accommodation and other arrangements vary from farm to farm. Each farm provides general advice on how things are done at their farm. Not every farm offers accommodation, and if they do, for example costs and facilities may vary – always ask for details directly from the farm if they are not stated in the job ad. Ask for information about transport as well –the farms are situated outside the villages and far away from cities. Some farms you can reach with public transport, but quite often not.

Seasonal work in agriculture is mostly outside work. Despite the weather, the work needs to be done. Days vary according to the weather though; when it is really sunny on open field, there will be a midday break of few hours for safety reasons. Sometimes the harvest doesn’t get ready when expected, so harvesting work is quite unpredictable.

Work itself requires stamina, being precise and careful. The plants have to be taken care of in order them to grow and carry berries until they are ready to be picked and sold. There are some differences if you are picking berries for industry use or directly to consumers, and if you are picking them at open field (still most of the production) or in a room.

Protect yourself with proper clothing. Cap and long sleeves are often needed. Confirm with the employer if they provide some of the gear needed. Pay attention to the working positions and stretching during breaks. Most likely you will feel muscle pain and uncomfort at first. Take your time to get used to the physical work – it will get easier. First two weeks are crucial in getting used to working positions. Do restoring activities also after the workday. Watch the video for examples of the gear and how to pick.

Applying for seasonal work

When you apply, tell at least the following things of yourself:

  • Name and age
  • Country of origin (important information for the employer to know if there is a need for work permit process)
  • Previous experience and/or skills for this job
  • When are you available
  • Do you need accommodation
  • Why are you applying for this job

Please take a notice that no payment is required for arranging the job in Finland. Under Finnish law, no person or company should require you to pay any fees at any time, also not after you return home. Your only fees are application fee for work permit, charges to related documents and ticket for your trip to Finland.

Employee’s rights and obligations in Finland

Every foreigner has the same rights at work as Finnish citizens.

In Finland an employee has the right to:

  • remuneration in accordance with the collective agreementand other minimum provisions
  • the protection provided by acts and contracts
  • join a union
  • a healthy and safe working environment

An employee has the obligation to:

  • perform their work carefully
  • observe the agreed-upon working hours
  • follow the instructions of the management
  • decline from activities which compete with those of the employer
  • keep business and trade secrets
  • take into account the employer’s interests

Employee rights in different languages

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